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Enjoy an aqua massage – the luxury experience at Amour Tantric London

Tantric massage is a rejuvenating and energizing experience that every man and woman should have. Not only does it feel nice, but it also has a number of health advantages that become increasingly apparent with frequent practice of tantra. Aqua massage is a blissful experience, a luxury soothing and loosening up bathing ritual. Your tantric masseuse will give you all of their attention, using premium bath oils, steam & bubble to create the perfect atmosphere. You will then be gently towel-dried & guided to a room for a blissful tantric massage experience!

Massage is well known for its numerous health advantages, including:

  • Toxins are removed by stimulating the lymphatic systems.
  • Muscle and connective tissue aches and pains are relieved.
  • Reducing discomfort by relaxing a stiff body.
  • Tantric pleasure that leads to release lowers blood pressure in both men and women

If you've never had an Aqua Massage, it's something you should definitely try. This takes the Tantric Massage practice of washing oneself to a whole new level. Imagine your gorgeous, nude masseuse and you sharing an intimate, soapy, and sensual session in the close confines of a hot shower.

Aqua tantric massage is one of Amour Tantric London's most popular therapeutic treatments, and for good reason. A very intimate and sensual experience that replenishes your physical energy and helps you to feel revitalized and relaxed is created by combining delicate, warm, pleasant waters, rich massage oils, and the erotically charged touch of a skilled tantric masseuse.
An aqua tantric session can be physically and emotionally taxing, and is intended for those seeking a deeper spiritual contact experience. Anxiety, tension, pain treatment, or just relaxation can all benefit from this sort of massage.
At Amour Tantric London you will have the most relaxing experience of your life. After a massage session at our exclusive location you will want to come back as soon as you can.

What you need to know about aqua tantric massage

In the shower or bath, the girls of your choice will offer you with a sensuous massage that will truly awaken your senses and spirit.
There is a little pause where you may cool down a little after you get really aroused and all your concerns are melting away in the shower! You'll both be nude, and your masseuse will give you one of their own, one-of-a-kind traditional tantric body-to-body massages. This will be done using Nuru gel, a highly unique lubricant that is actually the most slippery massage material you can use. It's made for situations like these.
As you lie down on the bed, your body will feel flushed and tingly from the hot water, and you'll be looking forward to the even hotter massage session. Before commencing a sensuous Tantric Massage, our masseuses will apply warm essential oil all over your and my bodies. The grils will tease, torment, and please you by gradually increasing the sexual tension in your body with my hands and my nude, oiled body. The girls will take you to the pinnacle of ecstasy over and over until you achieve a last, explosive conclusion. When the massage is done, the client will be left alone to relax and recoup for a few minutes before showering and getting dressed.

Booking an aqua massage at Amour Tantric London

Where we work hard to provide what Amour Tantric London has to offer. We take great delight in providing our valued customers with a fantastic tantric massage service and an attentive variety of beautiful, educated, and highly disciplined tantric massage therapists across Central London for a delightful tantric massage experience! All of our Amour Tantric London® incredibly gorgeous masseuses are trained in Tantra & Body to Body Massage Art at our exclusively recognized Tantric Massage Training Academy, located in the heart of Mayfair, Park Lane, W1K. Discover our Exquisite Masseuse Catalogue by clicking here.