You need to carefully read the following Privacy Policy because it explains how we treat your details and what you should expect from us. The current details regarding privacy policy applies between you as a valued client and Amour Tantric London® as a tantric massage provider agency. Our privacy policy highlights the usage of your data by our professional tantric massage team and it include all of the data that we collect from you or the data that you provide us for attaining for tantric massage services by using our website.

We would recommend you to read this privacy policy along with our Terms and Conditions for better understanding of using our services and security of your personal information.

You can find the Terms and Conditions on this website as well.

Some important definitions and a guide how to interpret them We have used following definitions in this privacy policy:


This term refers to all of the details that we collect from you or the details that you provide to our professional tantric massage team. We collect the data by using our website as an Amour Tantric London® massage company. The definitions also include, wherever possible, the definitions given in the Data Protection Laws.


Cookies is defined as a tiny text file that this Website places on your computer when you visit certain parts of the Website and/or when you are using certain features of the Website. Information of the cookies used on this Website are set out in the following clause (Cookies).


It includes the implementation of any applicable law concerning the processing/handling of personal data, which includes Directive 96/46 / EC (Data Protection Directive) or GDPR, along with other data protection laws. It also includes any national relevant laws including regulations and secondary legislation, so that the GDPR is effective in the United Kingdom.


It is abbreviated form of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


We also oblige by the The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as amended by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.


User on our website is defined as any third party that accesses the Website and is not one of the following:

Employer of Amour Tantric London®

Working as a consultant with Amour Tantric London®


It means the website of Amour Tantric London® ( that you are currently using or browsing. It also includes the use of website in connection with the provisions of such services.

Unless the meaning needs a different understanding under this Privacy Policy

The plural comprises the singular and vice versa

Sub-provisions, provisions, schedules or appendices are referred to in sub-clauses, clauses, schedules or annexes of this Privacy Policy.

A person’s reference; includes companies, corporations, government agencies, trusts and partnerships.

“Including” means “everything, without limitation;”

Reference to any legislative provision shall include all of the modification or alteration thereof;

Titles and subheadings are not part of this Privacy Policy.

What is the scope of this privacy policy?

This Privacy Policy extends in respect of this Website only to the activities of Amour Tantric London® and its Users. It does not apply to any websites accessible from this platform, including, but not limited to, any links that we can provide to websites of social media.

Type of Data Collected

We, as a tantric massage service provider, may collect following data from our users;


Email address, phone number, hotel room number, or any other contact details.

It will be collected in accordance with this privacy policy.

How do we collect your data?

There are two possible ways in which we can collect your data:

You give the data to us when asked.

Automatic collection of your data.

The data that you provide us when asked

Amour Tantric London® Massage can collect your data in number of ways. For instance;

When you contact us via our website, email, or phone number.

When you are using any of our tantric massage services, all of it is collected in accordance with this privacy policy.

Automatic collection of your data

The professional tantric massage services mentioned on the Website are indicative of Amour Tantric London®’s massage services. Not all of the body to body massage services mentioned in this section are accessible at all times and at all places, or will be. The tantric massage services listed in this website are subject to change without prior warning.

Amour Tantric London®‘s facilities include sensually massage of the body and associated tantric massage therapies. Amour Tantric London® Massage does not encourage or tolerate prostitution, sexual services of any sort, practices which are illegal or immoral. Anyone who applies for Amour Tantric London®’s massage services must ensure that such services are lawful in their own country. Amour Tantric London®‘s Massage is known not to be the boss of the tantric masseuses provided by our website, we only advertise them!

What is included in our tantric massage services?

When you access our website and use its various features, we collect the data automatically, for instance:

We collect some details about your connection and use of the Website automatically. This information allows us to enhance the functionality and usability of the website, including your IP address, the date, times and frequency you access the website, and how you use and communicate with its functionality.

We will automatically collect your Data by the utilisation of “cookies” in accordance with your browser’s cookie settings. You should check the “Cookies” section below to know more about Cookies and how we use them to improve our tantric massage services.

How we use your data

We can need any or all of the above Data from time to time to provide you with the best Tantric Massage in London service and experience possible while using our Website. Data can be used by us explicitly for the reasons given below:

Internal record keeping; in line with this Privacy Policy, in any situation.

We should use your Data for the purposes set out above if we find it appropriate for our legitimate interests to do so. If you are not happy with that, under some cases you have the right to object.

Your data is shared with following groups

Our tantric massage employees

Agents and/or professional tantric massage advisors –

All of this is shared with respect to this privacy policy.

Security of your data

Your data is secured by using encrypted servers. We employ organisational and technical measures to secure your data.

Retention of collected data

We keep your data until we are making use of it to provide services to you, or unless you request us to delete it. Even after deletion request, it may be kept in backup servers for legal or regulatory purposes.

What are your rights?

You have right to access and right to request. You can access the information that we have about you, or you can request to delete, update, or modify the data.

Links to other websites

We may include some links that take you other websites. We are not responsible for the data you share on that particular website.

Possible changes of business ownership and control

There may be a change of our tantric massage business ownership and control, whether complete or partial. And in that case the new owner holds the right to use your data in accordance with this privacy policy.


All cookies used on this website are used in compliance with the UK and EU Cookie Legislation.