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Most of our discerning customers know that we are constantly tracking the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) and closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation. Therefore in response to this pandemic, we have taken strict measures along the way to keep everybody as safe as possible.

As a professional tantric massage services provider, we know that body contacts are main component of this tantric massage service, so we consider it our moral and social obligation to protect our valued and loyal customers including our valued tantric massage therapists. After carefully reviewing the current situation, we are now confident that we can run our services with trust as normal, going forward. While the risk of contraction is at its very lowest, we do need to take some increased precautionary actions in order to safeguard our professional tantric massage team and our most valued customers’s health and to continue providing complete protection from COVID-19.

Therefore, we are glad to present our detailed guidelines to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety in tantric massage industry to date. This strategy needs to be adhered to and for the time being all aspects are mandatory procedure. We will review the current situation on a regular basis and update our policy on this page, depending on the development in COVID-19 pandemic.

make a tantric massage booking during COVID-19 Pandemic

We have set up a client screening process in order to implement health and safety guidelines. Therefore, when making your tantric massage reservation you will be asked a few short questions to satisfy our Customer Screening Process.

What to expect from your tantric masseuse?

All of our professional tantric masseuses will ensure that their apartments are safe and perfectly clean for our valued clientele. Thus, all of Central London In Call Body to Body Massage locations are the main subject to our strict regulations and they have been inspected to ensure compliance with hygiene protocols.

You will be welcomed by one of your selected tantric massage therapist, who will be wearing a elegant and sensual lingerie and heels. She will also be wearing a face mask to avoid spread of contaminants by any means. You will also see her with a pair of gloves on her hands, so that transfer of contaminant do not happen.

You will be asked to take off your shoes and wash your hands with an approved liquid hand wash under warm water, in order to remove possible contamination from your hands.

It is advisable to bring your own masks to In Call Tantric Massage locations, however we have also provided safe, simple and disposable face masks at each Central London In Call Body to Body Massage location, so that we can ensure the safety of our valued customers and masseuses alike.

When you are done with the consultation you should proceed to take a mandatory shower, just to be on the safer side. Your selected tantric masseuse will take shower before giving you a professional tantric massage of your choice. We have also provided antibacterial gel for you, you can use it whenever you wish. Your safety and our tantric massage therapists alike is our priority!

Booking an Out Call Tantric Massage

We kindly ask yourself to ensure our stunning tantric massage therapists the highest level of hygiene by calling to your room service or simply prepare your room with clean towels and bedlinen. If you are visited by one of our tantric massage therapists in the comfort of your private residence or your luxury hotel room in Central London, for an Out Call Tantric Massage session, please make sure that the shower facilities are available. It is to make sure that your tantric masseuse take shower before and after the memorable tantric massage session. We also perform regular monitoring of our exceptional tantric massage therapists, in order to ensure that they are following the guidelines. We advise our most experienced tantric masseuses to use personal protective masks all the time! Our tantric massage specialists are also asked to wear latex gloves when they are handling money and using antibacterial gel when needed.

Customers Screening Protocol at Amour Tantric London® Massage

We have made a screening protocol that we follow each and every time when a valued client books a tantric massage session. We have prepared a short list of questions for screening of clients, you will be asked these questions by our professional , knowledgeable and welcoming tantric massage bookings team. You will be allowed to be booked for a bespoke tantric massage in London, only after passing the initial screening test.

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks?
Is your COVID-19 test report yet to come?
Did you take any international flights during last 2 weeks?
< Please confirm if you have any of following symptoms:
Coughing in last few days?
Do you have Fever; temperature higher than 38 °C?
Any changes in sense of taste or smell?
Have you been in contact with possible victim of COVID-19 during last 2 weeks?

Hygiene protocol for an In Call Tantric Massage sessions

Our luxury Central London In Call Tantric Massage locations policy regulates the health and protection of the locations for a safe In Call Body to Body Massage sessions. While Amour Tantric London® operates the most stringent hygiene standards, we have updated them further to ensure absolute safety for our valued customers and professional tantric massage therapists in the body to body massage area. We have made sure that until certain requirements are followed and adhered to, our professional tantric masseuses are not allowed to operate their In Call tantric massage services.

Hygiene of bed sheets and towels – professionally clean!

Each towel and bed linen is strictly for single use; one for each client. All laundry is washed with additional antibacterial disinfectants on a high heat environment. Used laundry is often kept separate from clean products which are not used. Hot towels are kept at high temperatures in their hot towel cabinets and use a sanitising UV light.

Other hygiene protocols; We took care of everything! Just relax..

We stick to our COVID-19 policy and wash or clean all of the light switches, door handles, premium tantric massage oil bottles and any other subjects in the area with an approved antibacterial liquid. Furthermore, the bathrooms are also constantly cleaned with bleach and antibacterial agents after each use. The floors are also kept clean with antibacterial materials. We have also placed mats for shoes that are worn outside the room to ensure you complete safety! Contact our professional, reliable and perceptive tantric massage customer service team to reserve a bespoke body to body massage now!