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Terms & Conditions

You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions as they describe the terms of use for this website. The terms and conditions highlights that the parties form a contract that is legally binding on you. We ask you to read this in full, and pay careful attention to our Liability Restriction.

These Terms of Use constitute an arrangement between you and Amour Tantric London® Massage, whose registered office address is at 83 Park Lane | Mayfair |W1K 7HB (Amour Tantric London®) for your use of the Amour Tantric London®’s website at www.amourtantricmassagelondon.co.uk or any substitute or additional domain name used by Amour Tantric London® (‘the website’).

You cannot use the website and/or related features if you do not agree to these Terms of Use.

By accessing the website and viewing / browsing its pages you immediately announce that you have read and provide complete consent to these Terms of Use. Additionally, more terms can apply as set out elsewhere on the website. For example, if you book for a tantric massage session with our professional tantric masseuse whether In Call Body to Body Massage or Out Call Tantric Massage in London, the Amour Tantric London®’ Terms of Enjoyment apply and you agree to be bound by those Terms as well. Amour Tantric London® Massage’s website and services can only be used by individuals aged 18 or over. Please ensure and warrant that you are a minimum age 18 by the time you visit this website!

You agree not to post or pass to the website any material that may harm software or impair the operation of the computer system of the website or of any other party. You consent to indemnify us for any damages, injuries, expenditures or other costs incurred as a result of violation of your responsibilities under this provision including, but not limited to any accusations or claims put forward against us by any other party.

The 1998 Data Protection Act (the “Law”) is intended to protect your data and as a result it also provides protection to you. It therefore sets strict criteria for the quality, validity and care of such data and how it should be published. Any data sent directly to the website about living persons would be subject to the Act. You are responsible for its accuracy and validity and you must be allowed to report it and use it for website purposes. Amour Tantric London® Massage handles your personal data as per our Privacy Policy.

Although we seek to ensure that the website is accessible online at all times, it may be inaccessible on occasions due to system issues or to allow for the completion of maintenance or other development activities. We reserve the right to change the functionalities and functionality of the website and, for any reason, to allow or limit you access to certain sections of the website. Please be informed that we do not accept responsibility for the website to the degree allowed by law, except as expressly given elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

What is included in our tantric massage services?

The professional tantric massage services mentioned on the Website are indicative of Amour Tantric London®’s massage services. Not all of the body to body massage services mentioned in this section are accessible at all times and at all places, or will be. The tantric massage services listed in this website are subject to change without prior warning.

Amour Tantric London®‘s facilities include sensually massage of the body and associated tantric massage therapies. Amour Tantric London® Massage does not encourage or tolerate prostitution, sexual services of any sort, practices which are illegal or immoral. Anyone who applies for Amour Tantric London®’s massage services must ensure that such services are lawful in their own country. Amour Tantric London®‘s Massage is known not to be the boss of the tantric masseuses provided by our website, we only advertise them!

Regarding submissions to our website

You agree to treat as non-confidential any and all comments, messages, posts, images, audio and/or video content, info, suggestions, ideas, and other items or materials published, submitted or provided to Amour Tantric London® Massage via or in connection with the website, including but not limited to survey responses, etc.

Inclusion and display of third party content and links

Third parties provide the content displayed in any third party ads on the Website. Amour Tantric London® Massage is not the author of such content and is not responsible for the accuracy, property, legality or truthfulness of such content. Furthermore, in connection with any dependence on such third party material, Amour Tantric London® Massage cannot be held liable to you. The website can provide links to other websites, too. Amour Tantric London® Massage shall not be held responsible for the availability of any material found in or accessed through any such pages or for any content.

There are no warranties

The Website and its contents are provided on the basis of “as is” and “as available.” Amour Tantric London® Massage company makes no claims or guarantees of any kind, explicit or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of title or protection from malicious threats (i.e, worms, viruses, or Trojan horses) or implied warranties of satisfactory quality or suitability for a particular purpose, in respect of this site or its contents and specifically disclaims all links and/or warranties.

Our liabilities and limits

This provision sets out all of our responsibility (including any responsibility for the actions or omissions of its staff, agents, consultants, franchisees and subcontractors) to you in respect of any violation of these Terms of Use or any representation, declaration or tortious act or omission (including negligence) occurring under or in connection with these Terms of Use or our general business ties.