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Get ready for an exciting experience – body to body massage

Massage treatment can help your body feel better by increasing the flow of blood to areas that require it or by boosting your immune system. It's also worth noting that it might help you relax in addition to the physical benefits.

Tantra massage is a form of massage that involves the exploitation of sexual energy to reach a higher state of awareness. To activate a latent energy field within the body, skilled tantra massage therapists employ particular sensuous touches such as softly sliding fingertips along the entire body. When this energy field is activated, it is said to connect lovers in a euphoric experience while also allowing repressed physical and emotional suffering to exit from the body.

Why choose a body to body massage

Body to body massage is a physical as well as a body approach. In other words, the massage is done not just with the hands, but with the entire body. Body-to-body massage is mostly a sensual massage. Body to body massage is performed in a scented chamber with filtered lighting.

Throughout the session, gentle and sensuous music pervades the ambiance of the room.
During the massage, the massage performers are fully nude. After warming their hands, the pair massaged each other with massage oils. Each alternates or plays concurrently with their masseur, and at times as the receiver. Caresses, pressures on specific regions of the body, and body-to-body contact are examples of gestures.

A body to body massage may provide you with a number of advantages. It will relieve your body's spasms and muscle discomfort. It will help you minimize chronic pain if you have it. If you have had surgery, relaxation will help you forget about the pain. The advantages range from increased flexibility to improved immune system performance. If you enjoy working out, the oil massage will help you enhance your body posture as well. As previously said, a body to body massage at Amour Tantric London would be quite useful in relieving tension and headaches.


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