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How does 4-Hand Massage Differ from Normal Massage?

What does 4 hand massage mean?

A 4 hand massage is a type of massage that owns 2 therapists or masseurs for one client. They try synchronized technical massage techniques and apply the same pressure and pace on both sides of the body (right & left) that enhances the level of massage benefits and muscle relaxation.

It is an uncommon kind of massage therapy and puts your whole body and mind in a deeper and complete state of relaxation. This is because your brain cannot keep track & make any sense of the synchronized movements. For this, the brain stops thinking and focuses on the sensations that make you feel fully immersed in the experience.

When you are fully relaxed, your muscles are relaxed and become more pliable and receptive. This also enhances the effectiveness of massage and decreases your tension faster - a reason why many of us fall asleep during a massage and are encouraged to do it like this.

Benefits of a 4 Hand Massage

This unique kind of massage provides other benefits that can benefit spa guests of all ages and include the following benefits:

1- Enhanced Relaxation

Relaxation is one of the major goals of any massage centre. Using 2 therapists instead of one, 4 hand massage offers even more relaxation than the traditional methods. This is a real fact that gentle touch relaxes us. For this reason, having 2 expert masseuses massage you in the meanwhile is at the peak of your relaxation that you experience during and after the massage. When both sides of your body are being massaged at the same time, your brain will be confused to focus on the movements. For this, your mind ultimately surrenders to the concentration and permits you to be fully relaxed while the massage.

If you are facing anxiety or feeling tense due to the responsibilities of your life, job or life, you can give your body a 4 hand massage to relax by scheduling a unique massage like 4 hand massage.

2- More Intense Muscle Soothing

During a 4 hand massage, 2 different but well-trained masseuses work on the different parts of the body at the same time to offer a unique experience. On the other hand, other massage types soothe sore muscles, four-hand massage provides a more soothing experience. This kind of massage is more beneficial for athletes and other people who are active.

3- Reduced Stress

It is simple to feel stressed out, but massage therapy provides relief to both the mind and body. Give your mind and body relax by scheduling a four-hand massage. This appointment is 100% sure to lessen the tension in the muscles and removes stress.

4- Improved Blood Circulation

The body thrives when the blood circulates properly. Enjoying regular massages can help improve the way your blood circulates, which can decrease the signs of ageing like dry skin and wrinkles. This also means that your body cells get important nutrients with less struggle. Massage helps remove waste and gasses which keeps your nervous system running more efficiently. Better blood circulation can also keep your blood temperature normal and balanced.

5- Improve Mental Health

Anxiety and depression can make you more stressed out, it can speed up the ageing procedure. Unlike other, 4 hand massage can benefit your mental health by removing the signs of anxiety and depression.

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