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Get rid of your inhibitions and choose a Nuru massage

Have you ever experienced a Nuru massage? If your answer is no then it’s time for a change. Amour Tantric London is the perfect tantric massage agency that will welcome you in this seductive world.

What is Nuru massage at Amour Tantric London?

Nuru massage is a full-body sensual massage performed with a unique, ultra-slippery gel composed of seaweed. It's tasteless, odourless, and colourless. Therefore it's completely safe to use. A customized inflated mattress or drop cloth is frequently employed to keep the gel mess contained.

The massage is intimate and aids in the formation of a bond, as well as providing an exciting sensual experience for both parties. Because the full-body touch is both soothing and stimulating, Nuru massages are generally performed in an erotic rather than therapeutic environment.

What is the origin of the Nuru massage?

The history of this type of massage is sketchy, and nothing is known about how it was developed. It is, nevertheless, a Japanese erotic massage tradition that began in Kawasaki, Japan, however the exact length of time this sensuous method has been used is unknown. Fortunately, this hasn't deterred many cou

What to expect from a Nuru massage session

Both the masseuse and the client should be fully naked. Then there's the nuru gel lubrication. The skin becomes silky smooth, very soft, and extremely slippery almost instantly. This gel makes it simple for a lovely lady to softly caress a man without exerting too much effort.

Because this massage is all about gentleness, there's no need to apply a lot of pressure or different techniques. Nuru is not a deep muscle massager; its functions are quite different. This one-of-a-kind technique aims to calm a man's mind and body while also infusing him with vitality, pleasure, and passion.

After just a few minutes of delicate touches to the hands, hips, body, buttocks, and chest, a guy becomes very aroused. A skilled masseuse, on the other hand, understands how to keep a man in check. There is no intercourse, but there is full relaxation that culminates in a joyful finish.

If the Nuru massage is just being done to stimulate relaxation, it will cease after the back massage. If the focus is on the sexual component, which is typically the case, a complete body massage is also applied to the front. The Nuru gel is applied to the entire front region in the same way as it is applied to the rear.

The massage has been done on the entire body once more. If the person being massaged is a guy, he will frequently be unable to conceal his physical arousal as a result of the strong bodily contact.

During a complete body massage, a competent female therapist might aid invisibly by relieving tension with her hands and breasts as if by accident.

Why choose Amour Tantric London

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