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Nuru massage London – a fantastic experience you must try

A Nuru massage in London is something you definitely must try if you feel tense or want to have a relaxing time for yourself. Don't be shy, and don't hesitate to try even if you are unaware of this type of massage. So let's see what a Nuru massage is and why you should give it a try at Amour Tantric London!

What is Nuru Massage?

A Nuru massage is a type of sexual massage that originated in Japan. The masseuse rubs the client with their whole body, offering more bodily contact than a typical massage. The term "Nuru" comes from the Japanese word "Nuru," which means "slippery." Why? Nuru massage gel is applied to both the customer and the therapist. The gel is odorless, colorless, and composed entirely of Nori Seaweed!

Nuru massage is thought to have originated in the city of Kawasaki. Traditional massages are not the same as Japanese Nuru Massage. Unlike Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, and other types of massage, Nuru massage includes sexual stimulation to achieve whole-body relaxation and pleasure. 'Nuru' is derived from the Japanese term 'Nori, which refers to a type of seaweed used to make a special Nuru gel with a stringy, slippery texture. Nuru gel is used on customers' bodies, allowing masseuses to glide and grind all of their parts quickly. This sensual approach frequently includes the possibility of a happy ending or complete service (but this is up to the client ultimately).

The demand for a Nuru massage in London has increased a lot. Many people have seen the benefits of this type of massage. Not just that it help you to distress but also it makes you be more aware of your body.

Nuru massage isn't for everyone, but if it is, it will most likely be one of your most sexual experiences. The session's goal is to create a degree of relaxation that is impossible to accomplish with non-sexual methods. Speak to your masseuse if you're nervous. The session does not have to be intimidating; it may be taken slowly and deliberately to achieve total comfort and enjoyment. All you have to do now is breathe, relax, and let go. You'll feel ecstatic, like you've never felt before after you've done that.

This massage is a whole body-to-body "sensual" massage. One of our expert masseuses begins by applying an adequate quantity of this special Nuru gel or lotion all over the client's body, much like a conventional full-body massage would. Then it progresses to the point when the client begins to glide their body and body parts over the therapist's body, sensually massaging them. From there, it's up to the client if he wants a happy ending.

What are the benefits of a Nuru massage?

There are many benefits of a Nuru massage.

1. It is a stress reliever.

Nuru massages provide pleasurable feelings, but they also help reduce tension.

According to a recent survey, 83 percent of people who tried the massage noticed a considerable boost in mental well-being following the session. The masseuse's body methods and skin-on-skin contact provide a fantastic sensual sensation that leaves you feeling thoroughly relaxed from head to toe.

Nuru massage is a fantastic way to relax and decompress from the stresses of everyday life. It's a tremendously addicting experience that will make you happy for hours after you've finished.

2. It aids in the elimination of toxins.

Nuru massage is a professional therapy, meaning a masseuse will apply suitable methods based on her extensive knowledge and training.
Nuru massage uses body movements that aid in removing toxins from the body. Make sure you drink enough water to wash out the toxins emitted.

3. Better circulation of blood

The adequate and supportive motions on the entire body, particularly the erogenous regions, encourage muscular relaxation and enhanced blood circulation. As a result, our organs are better irrigated, and the brain, in particular, receives more oxygen. Goodbye, headaches and other signs of exhaustion!

4. Nuru massage will strengthen your sexuality.

And another more motivation to go on your journey to learn more about this ultra-sensual Japanese massage! An argument like this is enough to drive any man or woman to seek new ways to spice up their sex life. Nuru massage, whether done in a pair or alone, helps us better understand our bodies. Then there's the matter of paying attention to the other person, their emotions, and desires. Living an erotic adventure outside of one's standard-setting is unquestionably a fantastic way to reawaken passion.

Book a Nuru massage at Amour Tantric London

Book a Nuru massage at Amour Tantric London, and you will have part of an incredible experience. Our masseuses will help you feel comfortable and relieve all the stress accumulated in your body. Don't be afraid, and don't hesitate to try a Nuru massage because you will have nothing to lose. To get in touch with our devoted professional tantric massage booking team, fill out the form below, making sure all your information is correct, or call us on +44 7932 939 253 & you will hear back from us in no time.