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Tie and tease – a daring tantric massage at Amour Tantric London

A tie and tease massage is a tantric massage about surrendering control - letting go, rather than being dominated. You will enter what is known as sub-space, an almost dreamy condition where every physical contact leaves more than its mark, powerless to resist but in the teasing hands of a playful companion. A tantric massage is an exciting way to explore your sexuality and relieve all the stress and anxiety.

At Amour Tantric London, our expert tantric massage therapists will dominate you through their power. You will be unable to say something because you will be under their control. You will let get off all of your inhibitions. At the beginning of the massage session, you will tell her how you want to be treated and your preferences.

A tie and tease massage is not for everyone. It is for those who like to be under someone's control. Some men want to be teased and let the woman dominate in bed. Well, at Amour Tantric London, you will be tied, and the masseuse's hands will be all over your body. I think you have a clear image in your hand of how the session will take place. But let's make a short introduction of what you should expect from a tie and tease massage.

What to expect from a tie and tease massage?

You and your therapist may have a little chat before your massage session.
So she'll know if there's anything special she needs to bring, and you'll know what to expect throughout your time together.
You'll be made comfortable, generally on a bed, and your wrists will be bound once you've talked things through.
Your masseuse will have something to bind your hands with, such as a silk scarf or light bondage rope. You should bring something different to your session if you want her to utilize something else.
Your masseuse will begin her job after you are completely tied up.

In a tie and tease massage, your masseuse's objective is to extend your experience by gradually bringing you to the pinnacle of physical pleasure and enhancing your satisfaction.

The tie and tease massage is a pleasure you will want to relive over and over again. Return to your masseuse and bow in front of her when she wants it. In the room, you will have no control, and she will be able to do whatever she wants with your body.

Do you find it difficult to let go of your worries and fears because you have anxiety? The tantric massage at Amour Tantric London is a soothing experience that may help you relax and feel better. The majority of tantric massage clients say that these sessions help them find more balance and satisfaction in their lives.

Tie and tease massage – a pleasure for both men and women

The tie and tease massage is a type of massage for both men and women. The masseuse, powerful, strict, and well-dressed, will have total control over you, and you must comply with all of her demands. You'll have your hands tied behind your back and won't be allowed to move or touch anything until you're commanded to. During this sexy, confined massage with your wrists firmly shackled, she'll torment and titillate you mercilessly. It would be best if you obeyed 'Her Excellence' and only talked when she commands it. Allow our London massage girls to stimulate your senses playfully! If you'd like to try a tie massage, give us a ring! One phone call or Whatsapp message is all it takes to get your evening started.

Choose a tie and tease massage at Amour Tantric London

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Our exclusive wilder massages take the form of a dominatrix style of massage. You will be tied up & dominated by your masseuse, taking you to new levels of excitement! A fine choice for those searching for a unique experience. Explore your submissive side & completely surrender to your masseuse.
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