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What Is a Couples Massage & What to Expect

You probably have heard of a couples massage if you find your way through this post, but you might still be wondering exactly what is a couples massage, & what to expect from it and how to behave. To answer these questions we have spoken with Monica Jaso, director of the Swissôtel Chicago Spa 42 Spa Operations and a registered massage therapist since 2008. Let us take advantage of a couples spa day with some other secrets!

What is a couples massage?

Simply, couples massages are performed when you and a friend enjoy each massage while lying beside each other on two different beds. Two massage therapists are available—one for each individual.
Continue reading about what is a couples massage. A couples massage may involve music, aromatherapy, or lighting in the candles, like any other massage. Via these massages, intimate partners sometimes share the gift, but they don't have to be.

Can I eat before the massage?

Eating beside your hand is all right, just at least an hour before so that you don't lie on the entire abdomen, Monica says. "If you have a massage at 6:00 and book a dinner at 7:30, don’t do that, because of a hurry to get there, you won't enjoy the beautiful, comfortable massage that you've just had."

I heard there could be extras if I come early (or stay late)?

Many spas provide free access to saunas, pools, fitness centres and other care booking facilities.
"Take every opportunity of this," Monica said. Even people are not using these facilities. If it is a hotel spa, there may also be a restaurant on location.
You can still turn up a little early if your spa doesn't have these extras. "If you come too close to the schedule, you can hurry around and therapists will rush around and you can feel the hurried energy," Monica recommends that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your schedule.

Are we to be treated in the same way?

Needless to say! As with a single session, couples massages can continue to involve personalised massage therapist consultations.
Generally, people like to have massages as the need for their own bodies, said Monica. A concern of the legs may have been strained shoulder by someone else. Another person may have had ankle surgery.
And not just the focus areas are concerned, either. Couples should be free to ask for various methods. Swedish will probably be enough for you if you just want to relax. If the other person would like more therapy, "Then get the profound tissue, by all means, get the massage in sports. Don't restrict yourself."

Can l include add-ons?

The spa probably won't have any difficulty, as this is common.
Did your partner recently have a particularly stressful time at work? Then ask about aromatherapy, since perfumed basic oils will better relax the mind than a massage by itself. If it’s a really cold day, then add hot stones as well!

Can I talk during the massage?

Yes, you can talk... but that's not recommended.
Ones a married couple came into our spa," starts Monica. They are nice and comfortable and it looks nice and quiet, 20 or 30 minutes into the couples massage, and you're suddenly hearing her cry out, 'Sweetie? Sweetheart, how do you feel?'
Here you can see a little up her shoulders, and she's like "how do you feel? You're relaxing?' He was like chucking, "Ok, I was before your big mouth opened up!"
In the recollection of the conversation, Monica chuckles. Fortunately, the husband wasn't worried much about her storey, but not every wife is like a patient. The take: if your partner massages you'll probably have a conversation about, well, talking before your appointment.

Will there be champagne?

` Many therapeutic spas provide couples champagne, but before and aftercare watch your intakes. The circulatory system will impact you much more after you have drunk, so it will be much faster, Monica said. A bit of alcohol is all right, but be sure to drink plenty of water as well.

Do I have to bring a significant other?

Not at all. Of course, couples massages offer women and men wonderful romantic gifts. But Monica says that many platonic pairs go to Spa-42's couples room, including comedian Ali Clayton, who has a couples massage with her brother. There some peoples have their families, mothers, daughters and siblings to the spa. "It was more than I'd expected," she says. The most important thing is to choose someone with whom you can really relax and enjoy the beautiful experience.