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Sensual massage is a treatment that is soothing and rejuvenating. This sensual full-body service combines the enticing allure of a massage from body to body with long, relaxing strokes intended to calm your body thoroughly. Professional massage therapists will work while replenishing the sensual energy to relieve any muscle tension that you might be holding. This sexy massage, in addition to the traditional massage benefits it contains, is full of sexual gratification. A sensual massage is a great way to enjoy your first adult massage, offered in a sensual, erotic setting, before progressing to more intimate services like Nuru massage. We promise — you will have an experience that is mind-blowing.

Get most luxurious tantric massage experience in London Mayfair

Tantric massage is a rare and liberating convergence of ancient and contemporary methods, with the strongest and purest level of spirituality mixed with sexuality. When done by one of our highly qualified and intuitive practitioners, each Tantric Massage is a tailor-made experience suited to the unique needs and wishes of everyone. A new experience, a sumptuous, indescribable tapestry of sublime joy, will unlock the gates of exploration. Every cell in your being is re-charged and re-generated through a journey of absolute ecstatic paradise, balancing mind body and spirit.

A Tantric Massage often exposes you to a feeling of spiritual liberation, unlike a classical massage that only focuses on your physical enjoyment; divine energy spreads into you to produce a sensation that blends sexuality with spirituality, a sensation that is truly like no other. In the art of Tantra, our tantric masseuses are professionally educated and committed to giving you the joy of your birthright. This is a profoundly blissful journey that will never be forgotten towards pleasure and sexuality.

Your sexual and metaphysical powers are unleashed as the pleasure builds in intensity, and you will open up to the incredible sensation of pure unadulterated bliss and the sublime knowledge of sexuality possessed only by those who have undergone this unparalleled journey. When you relax for a tantric massage, we understand that anonymity, convenience and discretion are of utmost importance, and our tantric massages are available to you wherever you are in London.

Our Amour Tantric London’s® masseuses are always available to give you a thrilling tantric massage in Mayfair London.

London's finest tantric massage reflects on the metaphysical as well as the material, uniting mind, body and soul, and is useful for your entire well-being. Open to a profound degree of spiritual relaxation beyond words as you are led on a trip to the highest plane of fun delights by your tantric massage therapist. With your skilled and stunning masseuse, every single part of your body is pleased and caressed, artfully building your enjoyment by massaging and concentrating on your whole body. You'll feel indescribable joy as your excitement builds, a glamorous, electrifying sensation that opens you up to spiritual bliss.

Why you should try Tantric Massage in Mayfair, London?

A therapeutic tantric massage helps to relieve muscle pain and body problems, while the masseuses at Amour Tantric London® uses both relief and excitement to increase satisfaction. To intensify sensual awareness and excitement, as well as blissful rapture throughout the whole body, we concentrate on these various states of energy. The concoction of multiple strokes and seductive touch of massage reignites the inner fire of one and encourages one's well-being. In exchange, feeling uplifted and free of stress encourages you to reflect on the more stressful side of life, such as career pressures, family obligations, and life in general. Amour Tantric London® is the dream choice for a sensuous massage that will revitalize the whole torso, re-kindle your sexual energy and soothe your mind, for the finest Tantric Massage London can bring. However, it does not have any form of sexual activity that is necessary to keep in mind.

Get Tantric massage in Mayfair from Amour Tantric London’s® masseuses

Lose your worries to encourage her to feel her intense eyes, and when she bends in to whisper into your ear, the warmth of her bare silky skin, her calm voice and soft presence would be the first move your brain requires to begin the tantric phase. The human body has a wonderful potential to feel pleasure at the highest degree, across all five senses: sound, vision, taste, scent and, above all, touch. Touch is the food of our hearts, a necessary activity for a happy and fulfilling life experience to be fully created. You will find the touch of the human body to be vital by tantric massage, you will be guided through a warm and peaceful place, your fears will vanish, time will vanish and you will enter into a complete and sacred state of oblivion. Step into a new emotional awareness level that will lead to a deeper flow of sexual intimacy and a connection that will intensify the pleasure, a full and special orgasm of the body and mind. Get most luxurious tantric massage experience in Mayfair at Amour Tantric London®.
Our tantric massage is like nothing that you've ever been to before. While relaxing, standard massages vary considerably from the tantric type. The tantra massage focuses mainly on a complete massage of erogenous zones of the body. Already getting excited, huh? This method of massage is a profoundly relaxing experience that stretches into your chakra (the energy center of your body) delivering feelings of complete relief as your body surrenders to your masseuse's wet, oil-covered hands' firm yet gentle prodding.

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